The Book Gets Lost

The first message from the Sermon Series, "Back to the Book"

Back to the Book- Week 1

"The Book Gets Lost"

Key Idea: Every step forward spiritually starts by turning back to the Book.

Main Scriptures :

2 Kings 22-23 and Deuteronomy 6:4-9

To go "Back to the Book" we need...

  • A Concern - for what losing the Book has lost us and cost us.
  • A Commitment - to turn back to the Book and do what it says.
  • A Rhythm - that helps make turning back to the book regular and predictable.
  • A Reminder - that points us back when we get off track.



  • What step forward spiritually might turning 'Back to the Book' make possible for you right now?
  • What reminders and rhythms can you put in place today to solidify your commitment to turn 'Back to the Book'?