Join us! Springview Services have resumed! For More Information...

Springview Service Information

Up to date information about how SCC has resumed services.

We will be meeting INSIDE on Sunday mornings starting October 4!

A special message from Pastor Ben!

Service Time

Our service will start at our normal time of 10:30 AM.  For those unable to attend, the video of the service should be available on YouTube later in the day.

Springview Kids

We will continue to provide childcare and instruction for both nursery/preschoolers (infant through kindergarten) and elementary students (1-5 grades.) In the past the kids have started out in the service with their parents and been dismissed to their classes before the message. During this Covid season we will be sending kids to their classes as soon as they arrive at church, and they will stay there until the service ends. This allows us to remove more chairs from the auditorium and thereby improve our social distancing efforts there.

We will be using the same wellness check guidelines that we use for Awana. You can read about it here: Wellness checks can be completed at home before arriving, or at the church. Please allow a few extra minutes if you chose to complete your check at the church.

Coffee Connection

The Coffee Connection in the lobby will continue to provide snacks and coffee.

Service Order

Typically, we worship in song early in our service, and in the Word (through the preaching) later in it. Due to the potential contamination risks of singing together in a closed space we will be reversing that order for the near future. Those who aren’t comfortable singing together yet should feel free to leave before the singing begins, and the rest of the congregation will be able to leave as soon as the singing concludes. We will also open the windows (weather-permitting) to increase the flow of fresh air in the room.

Social Distancing

We will be spacing out the chairs in the auditorium to provide adequate social distancing. The chairs will be grouped in units of 2-4 chairs; please sit in a group of chairs that matches the size of your family. We also encourage everyone to social distance as much as possible whenever inside the church building.

Sick Policy

If you have or may have been exposed to someone with Covid in the previous week, or are yourself sick with ANY symptoms of any kind we ask that you do not attend any indoor gatherings at SCC until you have recovered and the symptoms are gone. 


The CDC strongly encourages the use of masks in all indoor public places, including churches and other houses of worship. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask when you attend services at SCC, unless you are under the age of 5 or have mitigating health concerns that prevent you from doing so.

At the same time, strongly encouraging the use of masks is something short of requiring masks, which we are not doing. The governor’s Executive Order 2020-153 explicitly states that “no individual is subject to penalty under section eight of this order for removing a mask while engaging in religious worship.” No one will be asked to leave SCC’s indoor service for not wearing a mask.

We have here a tension between what we might call the spirit of the law and the letter of the law. The letter of the law says, “You can’t get in trouble for this.” That’s as it should be; however, merely not getting in trouble is hardly our highest concern. On the other hand, the spirit of the law says, “It’s really safest for everybody if we wear masks.” And what is safest and best for everybody IS a high concern for us at SCC.

Here’s the balancing approach between spirit and letter that I think is best for most of us right now: wearing masks into the church and in common areas but feeling free to remove them once you sit down with your family in the worship service. The CDC guidelines emphasize that masks are especially important when social distancing isn’t possible; that is true in the lobby, but not in the auditorium where the chairs will be adequately distanced. This approach allows us to be maximally protected in the highest-risk areas, but also more free and comfortable in the low-risk ones.

Final Thoughts

Reminder: These measures are temporary!  

And they reflect our best efforts to both protect our church community and also facilitate accessible and God-honoring worship services. You should anticipate that these guidelines will pertain throughout the month of October, after which we will re-evaluate and consider what changes may or may not need to be made for November.

In the meantime, may our words, thoughts and hearts be characterized by humility toward and love for one another and for the community that God has put us in, so that our life as a church family might commend the gospel that brought us together.

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